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It’s time to upgrade your door

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It’s time to upgrade your door into a modern luxury type. It can contribute to the appearance and character of your entire house with our sophisticated design at a lower cost.

✔️No.1 Steel Door in the Country!
✔️Termite free
✔️Easy to install
✔️Available and ready to ship

➡️ Extra thick door leaf and special multiple burglar-proof structure design which guarantees a pry-proof function.
➡️ 3-pc cylindrical lock bolt, additional 2-pc ring bolts on the upper and lower frame, an overhead bolt and a foot bolt which guarantees ultimate security.
➡️ Comes with a luxury camber door frame in a wooden finish.
➡️ Hinges are made from a stainless steel material and can easily open to 90 degrees.
➡️ Comes with a mortise-type handle set.
➡️ All copper door viewer that has a panoramic view.

Available Size:
70/80/90/100 x 210

For faster transaction you can call:
T: (02) 573 15 58 / (02) 828 00 28

Also Available at:
All Wilcon Depot Branches Nationwide
MC Home
Handyman Home Center
And Selected Hardware Store

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